Abu Dhabi Chess Club & Mind Games

Abu Dhabi Chess Club & Mind Games was founded in 1979. The aim of establishing the Club is to develop and to enhance chess sport activities, chess competitions in Abu Dhabi and the UAE in general. Immediately after being established; 500 chess players joined the club. Based on that, the club was officially promulgated by the Higher Council for Youths & Sports.

Later on, the Club expanded its activities and actions. It is currently organizing regular and periodical local, regional, and international championships and chess tournaments.

Currently there are 24 international masters amongst its members. Those masters are from UAE and some other nationalities- two of them are classified by the International Chess Federation.

Abu Dhabi Country Club

As most longtime residents know, Abu Dhabi Country Club was the first facility of its kind in the city. Established in 1999 by the Government of Abu Dhabi, the Health & Fitness Club enlarged its scope of operations to focus more on family activities and integrate even more into the social fabric of Abu Dhabi.

We’ve been a part of Abu Dhabi’s social life for years. So, no matter where you go in Abu Dhabi, you’ll find loyal Club members in the corporate world as well as in the hospitality and events circles. We have built a reputation in doing what we do through a proactive approach – a passion to understand, meet and exceed your expectations. We’re here to delight you.

A world of privacy, luxury, elegance and relaxation awaits you – with personalized attention and service of international standards at the club. Set in beautifully landscaped gardens, within easy reach of the city center – Abu Dhabi Country Club has something exciting and engaging for everyone.
Our international management team of thoroughbred professional with a consolidated experience of over 40 years in hospitality and leisure works diligently to deliver satisfaction across all our facilities. Our diverse and professional work force will be happy to assist you at all times.

Abu Dhabi Cricket

Abu Dhabi Cricket is a distinguished multi-purpose sports facility located in Khalifa City A. Welcoming community sports enthusiasts and international sports stars from around the world, we offer a sporting experience unlike any other.

Abu Dhabi Cricket is supported by Abu Dhabi Sports Council and operates under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan.

Abu Dhabi Cycling Club

The Abu Dhabi Cycling Club raises and promotes the  awareness of cycling as a unique way to promote and enhance  a healthy lifestyle.Our targeted cyclists groups are social and competitive cyclist. Our aim to make cycling more safe and more accessible. Goal is to attract professional and junior amateur and young skills to develop and create professional teams to participate in local and international competitions. We also support our partners to deliver cycling programs and events within the wider community..

Learn to ride like a pro with us: participate in races and  social rides  events!

Our vision

Anchoring and Establishing Abu Dhabi as a center of excellence and supremacy  for cycling

Our values :

  • Commitment and impartiality
  • Cooperation and giving
  • Innovation and excellence
  • Sportsmanship and competition

Our message:

Supporting and harnessing the capabilities of cycling practitioners at the social and professional levels in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and providing the best means and training preparation for participation in local and international events.

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Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club

Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club is located 7 km from the centre of Abu Dhabi City. The Club has state-of-the-art infrastructure. It is really unique and distinguished in the Middle East Region. The club comprises 2 flat racecourses, show jumping course, the Emirates International Village for Endurance Races-at Al Wathba Area- an equestrian school, as well as an international pool.

Seasonally; many horse racing are held in the period from November to March. Those races are real thrill & excitement, and are watched by large number of horse racing fans.

Abu Dhabi Falconers Club

Falconry is not just a type of sport in the UAE; it is an important activity that is closely linked to traditions and heritage of the country. It is directly linked to the traditions of our ancestors and founding fathers.

Noting the remarkable successes of the Abu Dhabi Falconry Competitions 2012, and the unprecedented participation in this event by a large number of falconers, the idea to establish the “Abu Dhabi Falconers’ Club” saw the light. Abu Dhabi Falconers Club has been established to contribute to maintaining and preserving part of the dear heritage and traditions of Abu Dhabi and our beloved country.

Enhancing the image and position of Abu Dhabi as a centre for falconers, to avail a suitable environment for practicing falconry are also of the Club’s objectives.

Abu Dhabi Falconers’ Club will expand this type of sport in Abu Dhabi and the UAE so as to link current generations of the UAE with the sports and traditions of our ancestors and founding fathers.

The club will also allow great opportunities for falconers to practice falconry in safe manner through usage of modern and latest techniques and tools in relation to this type of sport and hobby.

Based on its plans as well; the Abu Dhabi Falconers’ Club will cater for falconers’ needs, assist them to practice falconry in different areas in Abu Dhabi emirate.

Abu Dhabi Golf Club

In 1995 a man once said “Give me a patch of desert and I will give you a golf course to be proud of” - Peter Harradine. By 1998 a spectacular Championship Course emerged from the dust now to be recognised globally on the European Tour. Set in the shadow of the national symbol of the United Arab Emirates, the National Course, set at 7600 yards from the back tees provides a tough test for golfers of all abilities and will be sure to test all aspects of a golfer’s game. Each hole on our golf course has a unique layout offering risk and reward opportunities for those who dare to take on the National Course.

The Falcon clubhouse reflects the national symbol of the UAE and the historical associations with the country. According to Dr Sleiman Najm Khalaf, Heritage expert for the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage. “The falcon stands for valour and chivalry; a bird that fights for itself, that hunts for its food with elegance and ferocity.” An attribute needed for golfers to excel around such a demanding golf course. Comprised of three floors the iconic clubhouse can oversee unspoiled views of golfing perfection and is now instantly recognisable all over the world.

Here at Abu Dhabi Golf Club, we take great pride in being a European Tour host venue by hosting the HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship, attracting the best players in the world to come face to face for the chance to win the first Rolex Series event of the year. We pride ourselves in being the ‘Home of Champions’ and we invite you to come walk in the footsteps of greatness.

Abu Dhabi Ice Sports Club

Ice hockey is a fairly young sport in the United Arab Emirates with its formal introduction being made in December of 1998. The Seed of ice hockey in United Arab Emirates was planted by the spread of the hobby of ice skating which widened amongst the youth of the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai.

This was made possible by availability of ice rinks in these cities as they increasingly became proficient in their skating skills and improved their fitness, their focus shifted to ice hockey.

This important shift from skating as a hobby to getting into organized ice hockey games was catalyzed by the presence of foreign residents from ice hockey playing countries who naturally gravitated toward any ice rink they could find.

They encouraged and transferred their know-how in areas such as ice hockey rules, skills, laws and fitness conditioning to these young Emirati players, basically imparting a foundation on how the game is played. In return the Emirati players expressed and sustained an avid interest in the game showing a clear affinity for its challenging nature.

These laudable achievements (in 1999, 2000 and 2009) had a considerable effect on officials in UAE, with His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan initiating sponsorship of the UAE Ice Hockey Team. This prompted a move in the sport from recreational to a well-organized institutional work, and to create Abu Dhabi Ice Sports Club later on.

Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club

Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club is a world renowned venue for powerboat racing, and for being the driving force behind the highly successful “Team Abu Dhabi”.

It offers a superb course for spectacular marine sport action between its base on the Breakwater and the Corniche in the UAE capital.

Since 1993 the club has provided a strong organizational base for a wide range of marine sports events and activities which have added to Abu Dhabi’s status as a world-class sporting destination.

Its support for powerboat racing and jet ski events is reinforced by its position as a founding member of the UAE Marine Sports Federation and as the national authority representing the UIM, the international governing body of power boating.

The club is one of the Middle East’s leading venues for marine sports events at local, national, regional and international level. Annually hosting rounds of the UIM F1 H20 World Championship, the UIM Class 1 World Powerboat World Championship and the XCAT World Series, it is also home to the UAE Jet Ski and UAE Wooden Powerboat championships.

Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club

Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club was established in 2011 to serve as the new home of modern & traditional Sailing in Abu Dhabi. The yacht club will include all the infrastructure & facilities necessary to host events & to further the development of sailing in Abu Dhabi. The club will be home to large variety of watersports including dhow sailing, yachting, dinghy sailing, surfing, rowing & kayaking.

Throughout the season we will host events for these sports on the local, regional & international level. The club will include training facilities to develop the sailing & rowing sports to the highest level. In close cooperation with the government, local schools & universities, we will promote watersport to all national & international residents of Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club will also allow families to enjoy the social aspects of watersports. By building close relationships with foreign yacht club, we hope to support the local & international sailing community by providing them with the best facilities


ADSAC represents an excitingly unique place, where aviation sports enthusiasts come together to safely enjoy the adventures life has to offer.

If you have long been searching for a place full of extraordinarily exciting sports and activities, ADSAC is where you belong.

We help the youth (and everyone reaching for the sky) discover engaging activities that provide a healthy challenge, promoting the growth of character. At the same time, we fully support the Abu Dhabi vision and strategy of helping the youth engage with the community while encouraging them to go beyond conventional limits.

Al Ain Culture & Chess Club

Al Ain Culture & Chess Club was founded in 1999 based on Decision No 27 of 1999, issued by the Ministry of Youth & Sports. The objective of establishing the club is to encourage, increase, and disseminate social culture amongst members of the club and Al Ain City community in general. The club has very ambitious plans for chess sports.

Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting & Golf Club

Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting & Golf Club has truly excellent facilities and offers equestrian lessons,shooting, rugby and an 18 hole golf course with a 9 hole academy golf course.

The club offers many activities to keep the whole family entertained – including outdoor pools, gym, beauty salon, tennis, soccer, basketball and climbing wall. We recently introduced and opened footgolf as a new sport in Al Ain in addition to the new cricket pitches.

Our experts will provide you with all necessary supervision and guidance whether you want to practice for fun or aiming for competition. If you got a real taste in any of our sports, join Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting & Golf Club and improve your skills. And if that is not enough, take pleasure in our modern and elegant restaurants that offer the best food quality where a world of choice awaits you with HACCP and ISO certificates.

Millennium Al Ain Golf Resort Hotel, the city’s upcoming hotel will have incredible luxury of living in the lap of over 220 rooms and suites and 60 chalets (1 room, 2 rooms, and 3 bedrooms). This hotel edifice will cater to refined taste with a panoramic view of the scintillating resort against the backdrop of the magical Jebel Hafeet and the reality of pristine tranquility.

Your satisfaction is our vision and our mission is to provide good service.

Al Ain Sportplex

Al Ain Sportplex was founded in 2005 based on the decision No 77 of 2005, issued by the General Authority for Youth & Sports. In addition to entertainment and leisure activities, sport halls, the club comprises unique facilities including a run-way for aircrafts, carting races racecourse, cricket playground, and a football playground. The club is planning to have very soon an equestrian racecourse, drag races course, billiards, chess, and snooker, video and play station halls..

Al Ain Sports & Cultural Club

Al Ain Sports & Cultural Club was founded in 1968. When founded; activities were restricted to football only. Later on, individual and group games were added to its activities.

Honors & Achievements:

Al Ain won the UAE football league title 12 times including the seasons: 76/77, 80/81, 83/84, 92/93, 97/98, 99/2000, 2001/2002, and 2003/2004, and 2014/15.

Al Ain won the President’s Cup 6 times in: 98/99, 2000/2001, 2004/2005, 2005/2006, and 2008/2009, the Super Cup 4 times in: 94/95, 2002/2003, and 2009/2010.

Al Ain also won the GCC Clubs Championship title, Abu Dhabi League Cup in 1973/1974 and 1974/1975, the Combined League Cup for the season 1982/1983, Etisalat Cup in 2008/2009, GCC Champions’ Cup in 2000/2001, and the AFC Champions’ League Title for the season 2002/2003.

Currently, the Club has 3 standard stadia: the iconic Hazza bin Zayed Stadium- the best in the world in 2014, Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium, and Tahnoun bin Mohammed Stadium.

Al Dhafra Shooting Club

Al Dhafrah Sports Club

Al Dhafrah Sports Club was founded in 2000. In season 2001/2002, the senior football team of the Club promoted to the premier division. The club competed in the UAE Professional football league for the seasons: 2008/2009, 2009/2010, and 2010/2011, 2011/2012, 2012/2013, 2013/2014, 2014/2015 and 2015/2016.

The club is allowing the opportunity for the youths of the Western Region of Abu Dhabi emirate to quench their footballing passion, and to practice various sporting activities in order to lead healthy lifestyle.

Al Gharbia Sports Club

Since its foundation, Al Gharbia sports club has witnessed a lot of events and local championships. This club is an independent organization because it has been approved by the Executive Council with a notification number 31 session 12/2003 on 17/9/ 2003. The decision of the public organization for sports and youth care number 100 year 2004 on the date 23/10/2004 under number 56 and the decision of the public organization for sports and youth care number 97 year 2013 to change the name of Abu Dhabi for cars and bikes to become Al Gharbia sports club located in (Abu Dhabi) the western region. This club is for holding festival and sporting events in the western region to attracts more than one million visitors a year. These visitors are not only from the UAE but also from the countries of the Arab Gulf and the world.

Al Jazira Sports & Cultural Club

Al Jazira Sports & Cultural Club has been s founded in 1974 when members of Al Khaliydia and Al Buteen Clubs agreed to merge the two clubs under the name of Al Jazira Sports & Cultural Club.

Al Khaliydia and Al Buteen clubs were in the same area. They were founded in 1969 and 1973 respectively. The rationale behind that was both teams would make maximum benefits from their capabilities and talented players if they join forces. The Club is currently a very renowned one at local, regional and continental levels. They won the GCC Clubs’ Championship title in 2007, won Etisalat Cup 2009/2010, won the UAE professional League title for the very first time in 2010/2011, and the President’s Cup in 2010/2011 and 2011/2012.

Al Wahda Sports & Cultural Club

Al Wahda Sports & Cultural Club was founded in 1966 under the name of “AL Ahli” Club. By that time; 3 clubs were founded during the same period. Those clubs were: Al Etihad, Al Falah, and Al Wahda.

In 1974; AL Ahli and Al Falah clubs were merged under the name of “Al Emirati Club”, while Al Wahda and Al Etihad were merged under the name of “Abu Dhabi Club”.

Those clubs remained that way until 1984 when the four of them were merged into one club under the name of Al Wahda Sports & Cultural Club.

Honors & Achievements:

In the season 1984/1985, Al Wahda was the crowned champion of the second division and promoted to the first division.
85/1986: Al Wahda won the union cup.
94/1995: Al Wahda won the union cup once again.
98/1999: Al Wahda won the league title for the first time.
99/2000: Al Wahda won the President’s cup.
2000/2001: Al Wahda won the league title and the union cup.
2001/2002: Al Wahda won the super cup.
2004/2005: Al Wahda won the league title for the third time.

They won the league title 4 times, one time for the President’s Cup, 3 times for the Union Cup and the Super Cup twice.

Asian Chess Federation

Vision: Asian leadership in world chess.

Mission: Popularize chess for sport and education.

Values: National Federations in Asia share a passion for chess. They are together in diversity while treating each other with respect and dignity.

Goals: Widespread development, stronger players, more tournaments, bigger prizes.

Baniyas Sports & Cultural Club

Baniyas Sports & Cultural Club was founded in December 1982 based on the decision of the Higher Council for Sports & Youth.

The Club has been established with the objective to have a sport and a cultural club at the promising and fledging area of Baniyas.

In the 83/84 season; Baniyas participated only in juvenile football teams competitions.
In 84/85, the club participated fully in all types of competitions for individual and group games. The team then fluctuated between the second and first divisions here and then.
In the season 1987/88, the team promoted to the top division but relegated once again later on. In 94/1995, they won the league title of the second division to promote to the senior division to relegate later on as well. In 2000/2001 they promoted to the senior division and relegated once again later on before promoting as champions of the second division for the season 2004/2005. This time the team remained in the top class. Currently, and since season 2008/2009, they are taking part in the UAE professional football league steadily.

Emirates Arabian Horse Society

Emirates Equestrian and Racing Federation

The Emirates Equestrian Federation was established 1992.  President of the federation is His Highness Sheikh Doctor Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan - Adviser of His Highness President of UAE.

The federation supervises the organizing of all equestrian activities across the UAE. It aims to achieve a specific goal; that is: to build a wide base for equestrian sports in the UAE, and to prepare a generation of riders who will be able to compete strongly at all levels, and to link present equestrian activities with those of our founding ancestors.

The Emirates Equestrian Federation also seeks- through its management, general secretaries, administrative divisions, and organizational, technical, veterinary, media in conjunction to a group of competent experts to manage- with high efficiency, all equestrian works and activities. The federation also looks to open up wider in the equestrian field, to develop, approve and follow up the implementation of plans to develop all equestrian activities as per latest international criteria and best practices. The Emirates Equestrian Federation plays an active role to monitor all competitions that take place in the country, and also to organize and support global competitions of purebred Arabian horses.

Emirates Federation for Handicapped Sports

The Emirates federation for handicapped sports was established on 13 June 1996 based on the Resolution 24 of the Ministry of Sports & Youths. The federation has been established in order to cater for sporting needs of handicapped persons.

The federation membership is for the officially promulgated handicapped clubs in the UAE as per the Federal Law No 85 of 1988. 

All other approved associations and handicapped centers and authorities in the UAE are also affiliated to the Emirates Federation for Handicapped Persons’ Sports.